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Can Items Reappear On Your Credit Report?

Can negative items return to your credit report after they have been deleted by your credit repair company?  It's actually quite uncommon to get an item removed from your credit report only to have it come back. The credit bureaus will sometimes temporarily delete a negative listing if they haven't heard from the credit grantor…
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6 Ways Your Credit Is Costing You

If I could show you 6 ways your credit is costing you a fabulous European Vacation or a down payment on your first home, would I have your attention? 1) Your Credit Cards could be costing you $1,200 extra per year. According to the average rate with good credit is 10% while the average…
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Things That Wont Show Up On Your Credit

A Few Things That Wont Show Up On Your Credit Debit Cards & Checking Accounts Prepaid Debit Cards Public Utilities Cell Phone Medical Bills Wealth Metrics Rent Debit Cards, Checking Accounts, Prepaid Debit Cards, Public Utilities, Cell Phones and Medical Bills do not appear on your credit report unless of course you fall behind and…
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FICO Credit Score VS. Vantage Credit Score

FICO Credit Score VS. Vantage Credit Score According to the Vantage Score website 4 of the top 5 mortgage lenders are using their model versus the original FICO score model. Yet there is no proof anywhere on who these lenders are. Credit Blueprint works with enough mortgage lenders to know that this is a false…
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