Disputing Negative Accounts? Seek Help!

Read this article if you are considering disputing negative accounts yourself

E-Oscar is a web based automated system that enables the credit reporting agencies to respond to consumer disputes. This system is often referred to as a "monster". Once e-Oscar scans your dispute letter it determines its validity. This system can be a consumer’s worst nightmare when trying to get negative items removed from a credit report.

When the average consumer tries to dispute a negative item online or through the mail they have to get past e-Oscar first. We know first hand of horror stories where a consumer had more than adequate proof that an item wasn't theirs and the negative item was still left standing at the end of the dispute process. How frustrating this must be for the average consumer?

So the next time you want to take on e-Oscar to get a bankruptcy, tax lien, collection or charge-off removed or updated on their credit report, please refer them over to Credit Blueprint. We have proven methods to beat this system and ensure we get the highest amount of negative items removed.

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