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Things That Wont Show Up On Your Credit

Things That Wont Show Up On Your Credit

A Few Things That Wont Show Up On Your Credit

  • Debit Cards & Checking Accounts
  • Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Public Utilities
  • Cell Phone
  • Medical Bills
  • Wealth Metrics
  • Rent

Debit Cards, Checking Accounts, Prepaid Debit Cards, Public Utilities, Cell Phones and Medical Bills do not appear on your credit report unless of course you fall behind and a collection is placed with the credit agencies. The credit agencies state " we do not report prepaid cards/gift cards because the consumer has no credit obligation".

If you pay your cell phone bill and public utilities on time but have not established an auto loan, credit card, personal loan, mortgage or student loans you will most likely have low credit scores or N/A which basically means not available.

Wealth Metrics does not exist on your credit report. You could make $35,000 a year or $250,000 and that information will not play a role in your credit scores. This should not come as a surprise since your credit report is telling a story of your creditworthiness, not your salary.

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