Types Of Credit

10% of your FICO score is based on these types of credit

Is it a healthy mix? The score will consider your mix of credit cards, retail accounts, installment loans, finance company accounts and mortgage loans. It is not necessary to have one of each, and it is not a good idea to open credit accounts you don't intend to use. The credit mix usually won't be a key factor in determining your FICO score-but it will be more important if your credit report does not have a lot of other information on which to base a score. Your FICO score takes into account:

What kinds of credit accounts you have. Do you have experience with both revolving and installment type accounts, or has your credit experience been limited to only one type?

How many of each. Your FICO score also looks at the total number of accounts you have. For different credit profiles, how many is too many will vary depending on your overall credit picture.

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